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strike for love and strike for fear

WIP: The Red Baron versus the Golden Witch.
(or might also be named Mariage Sorciere - I’m at two minds right now)

Lineart of something that I’m working on. I’ve had this idea for an Amnesia/Umineko crossover for ages but only recently dared to sketch it out (and what a pain it was, four people in the same picture + a bleeding art block = screaming). Alexander and Daniel vs. Beatrice and Battler - personally, I’ll be rooting for A/D, because two psychopaths against a psycho and a sane but mentally tormented individual only has one possible outcome. Beato must have said something rude judging by Daniel’s expression.

In this AU Alexander is a witch with near limitless powers, just like Beatrice, and both of them have their respective apprentices. I’m sure Daniel would make a witch far more ruthless than Alexander, however; insane!Daniel that uses magic to torture and kill in any way he likes, when he likes? He’d be absolutely terrifying. XD

Also, first time drawing Beato and Battler. I love these two to bits. <3 /one of my very few het OTPs actually

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